EuroRoma | We are Eurofios, we are EuroRoma, we are you.


We are made of structures, processes and machines that produce, monthly, hundred tons of yarns and strings, which are a result of solid waste processing from the textile industry.

But most importantly, we are made of colors, passion, awareness, respect for human beings and nature.
We believe in the grit and perseverance of people, after all, they are the ones who rule the world and make it a better place.

We appreciate the arms of those who raise dreams, the hands of those who weave hope, the legs and feet of the ones who walk towards tomorrow in strong steps. We are moved by smiles and gratitude, from those who make us come into being.

We are moved by dreams… Solo dreams, collective dreams, dreams that when boosted by perseverance are capable of turning yarns into art, wrapped in love. We are diverse, we are many and we are one.

After all, we did not want to be only structures, processes and machines to begin with. We wanted more, therefore we are made of people and feelings. We are made by people who produce, want, and believe that positive attitude makes a difference.

We are Eurofios. We are EuroRoma. We are you.

Eco-Friendly by Nature.

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